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Teepee Fires
Crow Dancer
Chief Washakie
Preparing For Pow Wow
The Journey
Flashy Dancer Ceremony
Early Morning Duck Hunt
Native Brothers
Searching For Buffalo
Grazing Buffalo
Searching From The Mesa
The Stand
On Watch
Meeting Of Chiefs
Mesa Chiefs
Sunset Celebration
The Lone Hunt
Dawn Of The Crows
Sunset Ceremony
Morning Has Broken
Tepee Mesa Sunset
The Bluff At Sundown
Together We Ride
Journey Together
Night Rider
Turning In
Journey To The Southwest
I See The Meadow
Onward Home
Journey Onward
Time Of Rest
Twilight Gathering
A Ride To Remember
Making Memories
Crescent Moon Rising
Up Above
A Walk With You
Cherished Memories
Journey Home
Traveling Together
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Native American
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Most of these paintings have been sold, but are examples of the work
that I do.
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